About Carla’s Candles

Personal Responsibility In Delivery Excellence

I take PRIDE in making each and every candle by hand to ensure that every one is a beautiful 100% beeswax candle that burns optimally.

A beeswax candle comes from the most naturally made wax in the world. My beeswax is triple filtered with no chemicals being used to produce a candle that burns clean and efficiently. Each batch of wax may vary in colour depending on the floral source that the bees were in. I use 100% 4-braid cotton wicking for even burning and choose the thickness of the wick depending on the width of each candle to ensure that the candle melts to the edge. When choosing a candle it’s important to keep in mind that a larger width candle needs a larger wick to be able to heat and melt the wax to the edge and can take a few hours to do so.

I make all the candles in Chilliwack, BC located in the beautiful Fraser Valley. I started making candles over 15 years ago in Lumby, BC. My husband, Chris who is a beekeeper, had bees for pollination and was selling his honey in bulk. We decided to try selling candles and honey at small markets and really enjoyed it. From there we started our company Creighton Valley Apiaries and have been doing farmers markets and craft shows ever since. We still have our farm in Lumby and live in my hometown of Chilliwack.